Candy Crush Saga

Ok, I know. It’s one of those evil freemium games, but hear me out first!

Candy Crush Saga is a great game to play while you have to wait a while, I frequently find myself playing this waiting for the train to arrive at the station, on the train to Uni, on the train to work or on the train home. It simply distracts you from the horrible experience of waiting.

I have yet to pay a single cent for anything in Candy Crush Saga and I intend to keep it that way. When I run out of lives, that’s it, I have to stop playing because I refuse to pay for more. I also don’t pay for boosters, because I find they are not useful, or pay to unlock levels. I am in no rush and eventually the game unlocks them for you if you wait a week. I also don’t have it linked to my Facebook account, because I know I am already annoying enough people posting about my YouTube videos and my blog updates.

I know the company has ripped off a number of other games, lets be honest, it’s like bejeweled but more frustrating because there is no free play mode where you can peacefully enjoy matching 3 different colored gems together for all eternity. However it is stimulating and it does improve your ability to think ahead and problem solve.

I would only recommend playing this game if you are strong willed, stubborn and don’t give in to peer pressure, because the game will use every opportunity to try and persuade you to spend your hard earned cash or get you to connect to Facebook.



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