If you haven’t been watching this series I suggest you stop what you are doing this instant and go watch it. Now!, Seriously! If you need a little more convincing stick around and I will tell you why this is a must see show.

Rarely does NBC put money into top quality gold like this show, I thought they had it there with Grimm, but they managed to screw that one up pretty quickly. The characters are taken from “Red Dragon” and we follow Will Graham as he uses the powers of empathy to create incredibly accurate serial killer profiles. Because of his “magical” ability to become another person, he is in a bit of a fragile state mentally and so is forced to see Dr. Hannibal Lecture for some out dated psychotherapy treatment. Things start to get a little complicated when Will kills a different cannibal, I’m not going to name names because it will ruin the surprise. Let just say this is where it all goes down hill from here for dear Will.

The TV series is really well shot, I have never seen a TV series shot so artfully before. It’s not really shot like a TV series at all. What I especially love is the witty dialogue, some of it is taken from the books, while others are written specifically for the show as the story line is quite different to that of the books. There are some great ones, which are very insightful and others which are kind of…well dumb, but you won’t be able to hear either of them delivered because for some reason everyone whispers.

It may seem like I am hacking on this series, but I do truly love it. The cast is amazing, the story line is great and every episode leaves you wanting more. Go check it out immediately!



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