11 days to go until our cruise and I am so excited! I started the packing process this evening after winding down from work. All the clothes I want to wear for the cruise, shoes, socks, underwear, swimmers. I am pretty much set when it comes to clothes. I still need to pack some comfy P.J’s, but I won’t be able to do that until the night before. I packed some nice dresses for evenings on the ship dinning, dancing, being entertained and sophisticated conversations over drinks in the jazz club.

I printed off a list of important things to bring along as well such as power boards, plastic bags, sun screen, alovera spray (for nasty sunburns), first aid kit, sewing kit…etc. So far it looks like we are taking three bags, 1 day bag and two as checked in luggage. If we need to we may bring another day bag with us.

I took a picture of the progress so far, my partner still needs to pack his things, he is excited as I am but I guess he doesn’t know what sort of things he can live without for 10 days. There are still a fair few things that need to be packed away and prepared before we leave. At least now I have an idea of what sort of things I need to buy before we leave (and what sort of things I can buy for myself on holiday 😉 ).


P.s I’ll upload that picture soon, I’m just clearing some space on my phone for the trip so I can take lots of photo and video!


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