10 Sleeps to go….

10 sleeps to go and I am sorting out my ebook to do some serious reading by the pool. I am looking for Frankenstein, The Hannibal Series and The Lord of the Rings trilogy. No I’m not going to get it all read in the space of the short cruise, although I do know some people who devour books like that, I am going to have some long days in bed after my cruise because I am due to have an operation when I get back so I am planning ahead.

I’ve recently been in the mood for some Gothic type stories which lead me to read Grimm’s Fairy Tales, The Phantom of the Opera, Sleepy Hollow, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and , hence Frankenstein. If anyone knows of any other good Gothic stories please let me know because I love them.

I’m getting the Hannibal series because I am such a fan of the movies but haven’t actually read the books so I want to know what I’m missing. The Lord of the Rings because It’s been a while.



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