7 Sleeps to go…

I have only 1 week before Dave and I get on the ship and leave on our Holiday, literally, the boat leave port at 6pm. I did some more packing and added some of Dave’s clothes to the bag. We are running out of room fast and I am considering getting out the vacuum bags to attempt to get everything in, or perhaps remove some items of clothing which aren’t essential. I’m having trouble fitting all the shoes in! Three pairs each because we need to pack for a formal night on board.

I spent today letting the bank know that I was travelling, setting up international roaming on my phone, printing out important documents and sending copies to my parents for back up.

There’s not much more to do before we go except for get some money in foreign currency and pack our toiletries.I’m not sure how I am going to manage the first but I have heard you can do it at the ports or on the ship so no worries if I don’t get that done before we leave.

OMG I hope I don’t leave anything important behind or forget to prepare anything, I have absolutely no time to think as I have work from now until we leave. Fingers crossed I have everything together.



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