6 Sleeps to go…

So there have been some developments, not to do with the Holiday but to do with Uni. I received a conditional offer for my honours course as well as an offer to present an abstract at ACUR. This is all fantastic news but it means more things to worry about before/when I get back from my trip.

I need to provide documents stating my SCIWAM and that I have finished my course, except I can’t do either of those things until I get my results back from my last exam on the 14th July and apply for a course transfer! For the conference I need to adjust my abstract and send in my acceptance form and then design a 10 minute presentation and prepare for 10 minutes of questions. I also need to apply for assistance because the conference is not in NSW it’s in a different state, I can’t remember the exact details but South Aus rings a bell??

Suffice to say my life just got a whole lot busier, I hope I will be able to relax on the curise.



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