3 Sleeps to go…

Two days ago disaster struck! I got sick before my holiday! Having already caught the flu earlier on in the year I thought I was home free before my holiday. It turns out I was wrong.


I was dancing during the day, as my job entails, which may not have aided the hindrance of dissemination of the virus, the result was that I got progressively worse as the day went on. I was working a double shift that day and tried to get someone to cover for me, but the only other person who could do it was sick as well. Luckily that shift was not as physically demanding as the performance shift so it wasn’t too bad. I decided to help myself to some delicious park food for dinner which was fine. Shift over, home, shower bed all feeling like I had a mild case of the sniffles. That was soon to change later that night or should I say early in the morning of the next day. I woke up needing to spew…it was not pleasant.


I was freaking out a little because last night I had a gig in Springwood. I used the day to rest and relax and try to recover from the previous night eating only toast and rice with a bit of butter as my stomach was not 100%. I managed to keep it all down and contained so I was feeling happy about that. My nose was stuffy and my eyes a litter watery but I managed to get my makeup on and perform like a boss.

I had a better sleep last night, my stomach is a lot better but I’m not taking any chances. I am going to allow myself some soup later on in the day. I cancelled the rest of my shifts for the week to allow myself to rest and recover, and also not infect anyone else at work. I want to be well for this trip, so I am forcing myself to do very little before Wednesday. Today I have no plans, I do have a dinner with friends later on tonight, pork roast and crackling, which I will not be eating due to my stomach situation.



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