Today is the day we head out on our high sea adventure! Our check in time is not until 1:30pm. We plan to get to the terminal at 1pm. Dad might come down and say bye if he isn’t too busy but I’ve called everyone to cover my bases. One of my sisters is in Peru so it’s a bit difficult to contact her, but I am sure she wishes me well as I do her.


David and I spent last night checking we packed everything and this morning putting last minute things together and cleaning the house. There is nothing like a nice clean house to come home to after a holiday. I’m slightly anxious as I do not want to forget anything vital, so I have been going over and over the check list which is pretty extensive. There are some things on there which I don’t need to bring, it’s things like phone chargers and camera chargers that I want to make sure we have packed.


I had already cleaned the house on Monday. I dusted, I vacuumed, I cleaned the bathroom, washed the windows, wiped down the surfaces in the kitchen and caught up on all the washing and ironing, so there is pretty much nothing left to do when we get back from our trip. We even ate everything in the fridge! We do have some food stashed away in our freezer so we won’t have to go shopping the day we get back, maybe the day after.

David asked me last night what I was most looking forward to. I had to be honest and say “I don’t know” because it just doesn’t feel real yet. Perhaps when we get to the terminal I will start to feel excited? To be honest I don’t know what to expect so…I do know it’s going to be a lot of fun, including sea sickness if that happens….which I am hoping it wont.



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