Cruise Day 3

Today we managed to get up in time to catch Brunch at Empire. Again we were sat with a group of people we didn’t know, but managed to strike up a nice conversation. We talked about the show the previous night and how spectacular it was! The waiters brought out breakfast cakes? Like muffins and other sorts of sweet things which I didn’t think you could have at breakfast time. The food was delicious and yes you could order desert if you wished.

After that we headed up to the serenity deck, but decided to give the spa a miss as there were a lot of people in it already! David and I grabbed a sun lounge and draped the pareo’s and towels over us to prevent ourselves from getting too cold. We read for maybe 2 hours before gentlemen next to us said we could hire towels from the towel lady. By that point in time we wanted to jump in the spa anyway so we decided instead of going into the crowded serenity one we would head to the one located in the gym. We were in luck as there weren’t that many people in it. We sat and relaxed for the allocated 15 mins and then decided to head back to the room for a nice warm shower.

For lunch we decided to go to the buffet and help ourselves to some delicious pizza! It was very nice. Think crust with the right amount of cheese and the right amount of sauce! I tried some of the lemonade which is quite pleasant. It’s American style so it’s not carbonated.

After all that we went on another hunt for the techno arcade. Again we couldn’t find the fabled PS4 or XBOX ONE but we did find a games room! In it were loads of those prize machines where you could wind a PS4 or XBOX ONE as well as a pinball machine, an air hockey table, terminator first person shooter and well as racing and two other first person shooters. This place is open 24/7 as well and the games are all reasonably priced.

After playing some of those we headed out to get some internet time to check important things like Facebook, Hotmail and our bank balances. They charge a lot of money on the ship for WiFi, it’s almost $1/min, they have plans but it’s super not worth it. We were on for 5 minutes and all I could do was check Facebook. For some reason I couldn’t check Hotmail or online banking!

Dinner again at Empire before seeing the stage show and then the comedians. We headed down to the night club and listened to a few tunes before calling It a night as we had to get up early the next day to be one of the first in line to get a tender sticker for Isle of Pines.


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