Cruise Day 7


David and I woke up to discover that it was wet and rainy. What a shame though very typical of a holiday with me to have wet weather on a beach day. No matter, we headed up to the buffet for a long breakfast before collecting our things and heading over to the island. We knew before we left that we may be experiencing some wet weather while on our holiday so we had packed a small umbrella and a rain jacket. I had however, forgot to back the rain jacket with our towels and so we only had the small umbrella to keep us dry while sitting on the beach.

Yejele Beach is a lagoon type beach, where the big waves are held off by a line of rocks in the distance, allowing for still crystal clear, warm waters in the lagoon. There are lots of patches of coral which makes it the ideal place to snorkel. I had brought the snorkeling gear with me, but forgotten to take an anti histamine. I waded in a little and the water was quite pleasant, however I was not motivated enough to risk my face and peep at the coral formations.

Dave went in after me, again only up to his knees and only for a short amount of time. We both sat on a log under the umbrella just watching the others snorkel around and swim. We still had some Francs left so I decided I would get my hair braided. I was going to get a massage after, however David wanted to leave the beach and go back to the pier to look at some of the market stalls they had there. He promised that if I couldn’t get a massage there I would be able to get a deluxe one on the ship that night! What a sweetie!

Surprise surprise, only the typical drums, jewelry and pareos were sold back at the markets on the pier. There wasn’t much to do back there so we went back to the ship. We had a light lunch at the buffet, booked the deluxe massage and headed to our room, sitting on the balcony I decided to start recording the holidays events so I could  upload them as soon as I got back home, David read. Eventually the boat set sail, and we waved goodbye to our last piece of dry land in 3 days.  It was about this time where I started to feel a little ill. I decided to stop typing and have a little lie down on the bed. I took half of my braids out, experimenting with new hair styles and then had a nap before my massage.

I woke up still feeling a bit off, but it was time for my appointment so I went upstairs to the front of the ship where the massage parlor is. I had a lovely therapist, I can’t remember her name, but she was very lovely. She understood I was feeling a bit off and attempted to help me feel better. The massage went for about an hour and I feel asleep a few times while my feet were getting massaged. I would have liked to stay asleep but alas, the treatment was over.

I decided I should walk about outside and get some air, good idea as about 30 seconds after stepping outside…the inevitable happened and I spewed all over the deck. I was very apologetic to the steward to came by and helped me. She gave me some great advice to help settle my stomach. I went back to the room, had a soothing shower and hopped into bed. David looked after me very well. He went up to the buffet to get me some green apples and down to the bar to buy me some ginger ale. I think I have had ginger ale to much on occasions where I have been physically ill as it hindered my stomach soothing efforts, Luckily I remember they had yellow power aid on board and I asked David again to get me some. He is a very special man, and obliged. He made me feel so much better and I was able to get some sleep.


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