Cruise Day 8

Given the previous night it’s no surprise that I woke up and was both keen for food but at the same time, not keen for food. We did sleep in quite a bit so by the time I managed to get myself together and head up stairs the buffet was closing. There was a section still serving  food, so we grabbed a little something for breakfast before heading out the the serenity deck. We managed to snag a hammock! The sun was shining and it was pleasant outside so we spent a good amount of time reading. before we knew it, it was lunch time and having settled my stomach I went over the section of the buffet which serves burgers and made two for myself and David.

After lunch we headed back to our room for some more relaxation and reading time. We weren’t really interested in any of the activities that we going on on board during the day as there is only so much trivia you can stand and only so much bingo you can play (actually we never played bingo).  We watched some TV in the room, every so often they were showing movies on one of the channels as well as BBC news and some american finance report show.

We managed to make it to the indoor spa later on that night, before heading back to our room to get ready for the second formal night. Instead of having dinner before seeing the show that night we went and saw the show first. It was a magic show with the dancers and a magician. There were all the old tricks, like sawing in half, twisting the head around, lost of disappear and reveals. There was a silk act and a hoop act, do you call that gymnastics or acrobatics? David notices a zip line attached to one pole and going down toward the stage but it was never used :(. It was a great show and I bet the kids would have loved it. I enjoyed it but it wasn’t anything mind blowing. I wasn’t left thinking “How the hell?” which is what all magic shows to attempt to do. Oh well.

We didn’t feel like dinning in empire that night so we headed up to the buffet where it was about to close again!! Not having much of an appetite this didn’t really matter. We helped ourselves to a little food and ate in the serenity area which was closing up for the night also. We wanted a quite night in so we went to the room and switched on a movie. We went to bed pretty late but it didn’t matter as we were able to sleep in the next morning.


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