Cruise Day 9

The day started off overcast, Dave and I woke up late again, but this time early enough to catch the full buffet breakfast. We helped ourselves to fruit, bacon, eggs, sausages, pancakes, biscuits, cakes, orange juice and coffee. After breakfast we headed to a Q and A about ship life which I had to leave half way through as the boat rocking was getting to me. I headed up to the room and had a lie down and started to feel a bit better. I noticed the sun was coming out so I headed up to the serenity deck with my book after leaving a note for David. Again I managed to get a hammock, and David met me shortly after. We read for a few hours before David got cold and wanted to go back to the room.

I was starting to feel a bit hungry, but realised it was pretty much lunch time for everyone else as well. I didn’t feel like anything from the buffet and empire wasn’t open for lunch so I decided to wait until the crowds died down. I noticed that the make your own burger bar was open until 4 pm so I waited a little until the line died down and went upstairs to make myself a burger. I bought the burger and some chips back to the room for David. We had a quite lunch and after that I turned the TV on an watch a little of another movie.

That night we had a very early dinner, I think it was around 5:30! It turned out to be a great idea however as we were free the rest of the night to catch the entertainment, for example we were able to see the comedian and then went to the “love and marriage” show. It was a great night for laughs, but alas we couldn’t have a late one yet again. The ship was pulling in to Sydney harbour at about 3 am and our approximate disembarkation time was at 8:40 am. We had to go back to the room and pack up our bags.

Before dinner I had started to pack, it did start to make me feel sick though so I quickly stopped and handed over the packing duties to David. He was pretty good, his scrunch everything instead of folding technique worked quite well I must say. Luckily we hadn’t purchased much, just a bottle of scotch, a hat and a shirt for David which all fit pretty easily in our luggage. I was surprised at how little we managed to spend, our on board purchases came to about $1200, which made this Holiday pretty damn cheap for two people. I am very happy with this actually because now we have some money for Thailand next year and we don’t have to start from scratch.


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