Operation Preperation

Today is the day before my operation. I am so apprehensive about this, perhaps it was the pain management nurse stressing how important it is to tell someone how much pain I am in after the procedure and that it hurts more than getting your uterus removed.

It all started in February when I was fed up with the period pain I was experiencing (among other issues) and decided to get a referral to see a gynecologist. I wasn’t able to see her until March! After that appointment I had to get some imaging done, an MRI which I got in March and an Ultrasound which I couldn’t get ’till April (apparently it’s a special one and they only do them once a week!!). After I got the imaging done my next appointment with her was not until May. Seriously, this was beginning to drag on a bit. At this appointment we looked at all the images and she confirmed that I needed to have a laproscopy to remove endometriosis. I didn’t really want to undergo surgery, but seeing as hormone therapy hadn’t worked, I had no other choice! By this point in time David and I had already booked our holiday to New Caledonia and I didn’t want to be in pain during the trip so I opted to have surgery after I got back. This was good on the one hand, I was able to go on my holiday and have a great time, on the other however Uni starts the Monday after the operation and I am doing honours this semester…So I won’t be able to start my project until September.

I had my pre-op appointment on Tuesday and was not expecting to get a blood test that day, lo and behold that’s what happened. Everyone loves a surprise blood test. I suppose it was for the best though, If you’re told on the spot you MUST get a blood test before your operation and there is a blood collection centre just across the hall, you get off your butt and go get you veins drained. It wasn’t that bad, I have had numerous surprise blood tests in my time and they are much better than a blood test you are expecting. It didn’t even hurt that much, I had a great technician though, when she was changing the vials I didn’t feel a thing. She didn’t comment on my “Dark Blood”. A nurse did that once while David was with me, David asked the doctor if “Dark Blood” indicated anything and the doctor just looked confused. It is pretty dark though…

The other thing my gyno mentioned in the pre-op appointment was that I have to go on a special all clear liquid diet and take something called “pico-prep” at 6pm the day before the operation. I am allowed to have Apple Juice, Water and Jelly. I can’t have anything with red colouring in it, which sucks cause my favorite flavor of jelly is raspberry! And the box of pico-prep had some restrictions on it too! Yesterday I wasn’t allowed to eat Vegetables, Red meat, Cereals, Brown Bread, anything with Seeds, no Red Colouring, and no Yellow Cheese! I was pretty much only able to eat Chicken. So I had some fried chicken that night for dinner, you can find out more about it here :). The gyno advised that once I took the pico-prep to stay at home because I was going to need the toilet…a lot. This situation reminds me of the time someone I know underwent a similar sort of operation. They told me that it felt really good to evacuate the bowls and that you never felt so clean in your life. I guess that’s why people get colonics. Only one way to find out if this is true or not…

So I am sitting in front of the TV drinking my apple juice almost literally scared shitless about all the pain I am going to experience tomorrow and wondering if it’s all going to be worth it. To give you a little insight with out being too graphic; every time I need to use the bathroom during a certain week of the month I almost pass out because of the pain, also, I can be happily sitting there just getting along with my work and all of a sudden it feels like there is a knife where the sun don’t shine. It’s not pleasant, so as you can see I kind of need to have this operation. Funny thing is though, there is no sign of endometriosis on my bowls, at least not on the ultrasound.  It seems to be on my ovaries, which if left untreated could give me problems with fertility 😦

I am already so over this. But it’s got to be done.



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