The Sparrow’s Mill – Incredible Chicken

What does one get the hankering for the day before the day before a big day? Why, THE best fried chicken Liverpool Street has to offer. The Sparrow’s Mill is a Korean restaurant among the numerous Korean restaurants within a few blocks of Sydney CBD. It’s kind of cozy, as attempts are made to squish as many tables into a finite space as possible, you may actually end up sitting on top of other diners. Ok, It’s not that bad, but you do have to rearrange the furniture to get in and out  of your seat.

The atmosphere buzzes as the wait staff hurriedly attempt to seat, serve and clear as many customers as possible. We got there pretty early in the night, around 6:30 pm, and were lucky that a couple was leaving. We were handed the menus, which have an extensive range of fried chicken dishes as well as traditional Korean food, which all looked too good to choose. Dishes were constantly coming out of the kitchen, and every one was plentiful and delicious looking.

David and I had our sites set on one particular dish however, the “Snow Cheese” fried chicken. We didn’t know how big the half serve was so we decided to throw caution to the wind and ordered the larger serve. It was massive! It could have easily served a family of 4. Us being a family of 2 found it a bit of a challenge to finish. So plentiful was the sprinkling of mystery “snow cheese” that it became over whelming and alas we were unable to finish our serve.

I am very keen to return and attempt to polish of a half serve of spicy friend chicken, the chicken fingers with dipping sauce, or perhaps a hot pot. I would definitely recommend heading here if you want to eat some top quality fried chicken which makes you salivate all over the place and is 1000x more tasty than any KFC.



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