VEDA(ugust) 2015 has started!

Yes ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls it’s that magical time of the year where people all over the world get out their cameras and start vlogging daily. VEDA is a wonderful month where all sorts of interesting and exciting content gets created and uploaded to YouTube for our viewing pleasure. The whole aim of the exercise is to help beginners get used to talking in front of a camera and to help  veterans be more creative with their content making. It’s a time where you can experiment and come up with new ideas for your channel on YouTube and get some feedback about it.  There are a number of people who run VEDA and by run I mean provide you with a list of fellow participants and a whole months worth of prompts to help you create videos.

The first time I decided to actively participate in VEDA was back in April of this year, I had a blast! It really gave me the opportunity I was looking for to start creating content for the internet and it’s people. I enjoyed it so much that I decided to do it all again this month along with a few of my YouTube friends. Zen Runner decided that he was going to host VEDA this month which I was very excited about because he is a really great guy with some really great ideas. So I signed up for #ZENVEDA! and joined the Facebook group 🙂 I also signed up with #SSSVEDA, #BattenVEDA and #B2CVEDA. Now I have prompts coming in from 4 different sources and really no excuse not to come up with something every day. I don’t necessarily stick to the prompts either, because sometimes I like to do my own ideas.

All I know is if you want to check me out during VEDA this month you can look no further than right here! Or head over to my YouTube Channel!



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