This is a funky restaurant located between Circular Quay station and Wynyard station. Situated in a basement, It’s a fairly large restaurant which could easily accommodate a table of 30 or more people and still have room to serve other customers. The decoration on the walls is quite funky and the table set up is elegant with out being pretentious.

I went with a group of friends to experience their “all you can eat” taco special for $19. Included in this was a beer, cider or soft drink of your choice and all the tacos you could ever desire. The taco menu presents a number of choices, all of which are updated and modernised takes on traditional taco recipes. Each flavour of taco was delicious, I am sorry to say that I ran out of room in my stomach to try the entire menu, but I did get a few down which made me and my stomach very happy.

There were several conditions you needed to follow when ordering the all you can eat tacos. Firstly you could only order two flavours of taco at a time, secondly you had to finish that order of tacos before you could go ahead and order another two flavours, thirdly if at the end of your meal you still had tacos left, you were charged full price for those tacos. That all seems fair enough, but when you are waiting for your next round of tacos to come out and you are starving, it can be a bit annoying to say the least.  Another down side was there was only one vegetarian offer on the menu, if you were with your vegetarian friend one of your taco selections would always have to be vegetarian and it would be the same thing over and over again.

Apart from that it was a great night out, the service was quick and friendly, the atmosphere was nice and there was a stage which indicated there may be opportunities to go when live music is playing. I will be going back again to order something off the main menu as it all looks wonderful.



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