Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter

I will not know what possessed a script writer to develop this story. Perhaps it was conjured up in a dream one night after a history lesson,  perhaps it is some form of bizarre fan fiction I have yet to be introduced to. As a non-american, I’m also not sure if it’s offensive or not. For someone who is considered to be legend and greatly revered in US culture it seems odd that a writer  would take an element of american identity and twist it in this way.

If you’ve been putting off seeing this film because your afraid it’s going to be a cringe fest your fears are unfounded. This is not a movie like “Sharknado” or “Big Ass Spider” or “Snakes on a Plane”, despite the title of the movie giving off that impression. No it is a sophisticated work of fiction that will make you say “Wow, that was actually really good”.

The way they have created this alternate history is really clever, the story line makes sense, the actors are fantastic, the cinematography, editing and sound of the film are all on point.The film makers and actors treated the characters and story line with respect and dignity, gave the film depth and quality and actually took it all seriously. By absolutely committing to the insane idea that in some alternate version of reality america’s sixteenth president could have been a bad ass, ax wielding vampire hunter, an absolute beaut of a movie gets pulled off. I really enjoyed watching this movie.

The movie is a new take on the vampire genre with the introduction of a new time period. We’ve all seen Dracula origin stories a billion times, so too have we seen vampire movies set in the contemporary age, but to set the action somewhere in the 19th century and relate it to events in history that we are all familiar with is genius.

Abe Lincoln’s mother gets murdered by a man when Abe is just a child. Once he is grown and on his own he sets out for revenge, only to discover that the murderer is a vampire. Abe gets introduced to the world of vampires by a vampire hunter who saves his life from an attack and the rest of the movie plays out from there.

Do yourself  favor and watch this movie today and prepare to be surprisingly entertained.




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