Plants Vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2

I was very excited to hear that PvZ would be an RPG, mostly because I am a massive fan of the tower defense game as much as I am a fan of RPG’s. To top it off, this game offers split screen co-op… or so I thought.

We purchased the game on PS4. Popped it in and waited the 20 minutes for the game to update. The game started in single player mode, we were thrust into zombie territory and were told to run for it. While Dave was running around like a chicken with his head cut off, I was googling how to enter split screen mode. Google was less than helpful, the official site mentioned nothing of how to get in, and various other forums were debating whether split screen co-op was actually a thing or not. Not a good sign.

Finally we made it back to home base, once here we finally figured out that you have to walk up to two CRT monitors stacked on top of each other to enter split screen mode (So obvious right?).  Mission finally accomplished, I can finally play the game. I run around and try to pick up the same quest Dave has just gotten, to find that I can’t interact with certain quest points. Shit, did we just spend money on a game that doesn’t have split screen co-op?

Not to worry I pick up some other quests and off we go, running around the world tying to look for the location of the quests and failing miserably. We started some war in the centre of town which was very confusing. Dave died quite frequently when the war got a little more hectic, I discovered however that I didn’t loose any health. WTF?!? What kind of split screen co-op game is this? I can’t do main story line quests, I am invincible, we can’t find any quest locations.

After getting sick and tired of that we return back to base to regroup and regoogle. Like I mentioned above, there is some fierce debate out there between various forums on the existence of split screen co-op. Ever the optimist i think Ok, the games only new and perhaps these posts are from the beta testing? We decide to enter multiplayer mode.

There are a tone of multiplayer modes to choose from within this game, and lots of ways your can customise each game which goes beyond map selection. You can choose between different character availability, different physics abilities, availability of weapons, change handicaps and health stats and even enter chaos mode. Multiplayer is great and it was through multiplayer that I would able to complete several “quests”.

So mystery solved for now. When PvZ GW2 talks about split screen co-op, it actually means local multiplayer mode. Which is not why we bought the game. I’m a little bit ticked off, as I am sure many others out there are, I can only hope that in this new age of constant online updates a real split screen co-op mode may eventually be added to this game.








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