Expanding my creative outlets

I decided to expand my creative outlets and move into the world of blogging. I find that it is just as difficult to express myself through words written on a keyboard as it is to talk to the camera, as I am constantly able to re-read everything I have written and edit myself along the way. With vlogs it’s the same. I’ll shoot multiple takes and and choose the best ones, edit them together and voila!

What I produce may not be the best work ever made, but I am extremely proud of it as it takes time, effort and imagination. I am always so excited to see the end product, because I have made and idea tangible, I have physically brought something into existence that previously resided in my head. The outcome is sometimes totally different to what I thought it might be, which again is pretty exciting.

I also love that I can create something from nothing. I often find myself plagued with vloggers block, but I just turn on the camera and start talking. Usually it works, a number of my vlogs have been made by coming up with a topic on the spot! ¬†Perhaps that will be the way things work on here, or perhaps I will attempt to order and theme theses posts. Who really knows what’s going to happen?!

All I know is, it’s another space for me to express myself and help me develop my creative side.