All Rice Thai

Fellow fans of the deliciousness that is Thai food I bring to you the gift of the best Thai food in Sydney. That’s right, move over king street, Newtown, Thai food has a new home and it can be found at Liverpool Street, Ashfield.

All Rice Thai is the name of this humble little store, It’s a five minute walk from the station towards Ashfiled Public School. Everything they make is the best, just point to something on the menu and I guarantee it will be the best tasting dish you have ever had in your life. If you don’t want to gamble with your taste buds then I recommend you try the Pad See Ew, Satay Chicken, Yellow Curry or Tom Yum Soup (this one is very spicy so be careful).The staff are all very friendly and greet you with a smile every time. Wait times for food are very short, which is good because that means you get to eat as soon as humanly possible. For locals they offer a delivery service and charge about $1.90.

If you want to reward your taste buds for putting up with all the other stuff you put in your mouth, make sure you visit All Rice Thai.




This is a funky restaurant located between Circular Quay station and Wynyard station. Situated in a basement, It’s a fairly large restaurant which could easily accommodate a table of 30 or more people and still have room to serve other customers. The decoration on the walls is quite funky and the table set up is elegant with out being pretentious.

I went with a group of friends to experience their “all you can eat” taco special for $19. Included in this was a beer, cider or soft drink of your choice and all the tacos you could ever desire. The taco menu presents a number of choices, all of which are updated and modernised takes on traditional taco recipes. Each flavour of taco was delicious, I am sorry to say that I ran out of room in my stomach to try the entire menu, but I did get a few down which made me and my stomach very happy.

There were several conditions you needed to follow when ordering the all you can eat tacos. Firstly you could only order two flavours of taco at a time, secondly you had to finish that order of tacos before you could go ahead and order another two flavours, thirdly if at the end of your meal you still had tacos left, you were charged full price for those tacos. That all seems fair enough, but when you are waiting for your next round of tacos to come out and you are starving, it can be a bit annoying to say the least.  Another down side was there was only one vegetarian offer on the menu, if you were with your vegetarian friend one of your taco selections would always have to be vegetarian and it would be the same thing over and over again.

Apart from that it was a great night out, the service was quick and friendly, the atmosphere was nice and there was a stage which indicated there may be opportunities to go when live music is playing. I will be going back again to order something off the main menu as it all looks wonderful.


The Sparrow’s Mill – Incredible Chicken

What does one get the hankering for the day before the day before a big day? Why, THE best fried chicken Liverpool Street has to offer. The Sparrow’s Mill is a Korean restaurant among the numerous Korean restaurants within a few blocks of Sydney CBD. It’s kind of cozy, as attempts are made to squish as many tables into a finite space as possible, you may actually end up sitting on top of other diners. Ok, It’s not that bad, but you do have to rearrange the furniture to get in and out  of your seat.

The atmosphere buzzes as the wait staff hurriedly attempt to seat, serve and clear as many customers as possible. We got there pretty early in the night, around 6:30 pm, and were lucky that a couple was leaving. We were handed the menus, which have an extensive range of fried chicken dishes as well as traditional Korean food, which all looked too good to choose. Dishes were constantly coming out of the kitchen, and every one was plentiful and delicious looking.

David and I had our sites set on one particular dish however, the “Snow Cheese” fried chicken. We didn’t know how big the half serve was so we decided to throw caution to the wind and ordered the larger serve. It was massive! It could have easily served a family of 4. Us being a family of 2 found it a bit of a challenge to finish. So plentiful was the sprinkling of mystery “snow cheese” that it became over whelming and alas we were unable to finish our serve.

I am very keen to return and attempt to polish of a half serve of spicy friend chicken, the chicken fingers with dipping sauce, or perhaps a hot pot. I would definitely recommend heading here if you want to eat some top quality fried chicken which makes you salivate all over the place and is 1000x more tasty than any KFC.


Neptune Palace Restaurant

This is a lovely Malaysian/Chinese Restaurant just across the road from the world famous Circular Quay in Sydney, Australia. The Restaurant has two levels, with large family sized circular tables as well as smaller intimate tables to accommodate couples. There is of course the mandatory lazy Susan on each round table, which more places need to get on board with because it makes sharing dishes more fun, and easy. The decoration is tasteful, I remember a lot of soothing blue swirly wall paper with splashes of gold here and there which suits the theme of the restaurant I guess and the atmosphere is great. When we were waiting for other family members to arrive the place was quite quiet, however it soon filled up and was buzzing with conversation.

The staff are all very attentive and it’s clear that they want to do their best to impress and cater to their customers. They immediately asked us if we wanted any drinks, which was great but we hadn’t yet had a chance to peruse the drinks menu…and there are a lot of drinks on offer at this place. Their wine list goes on for pages, with every single variety of wine you can think starting at low low prices and then going up to the more expensive items. They also  serve you everything, they’ll pour your drinks, put you napkin on your lap, put food one your place and serve you rice. This kind of makes me feel uncomfortable, but I know there are some people out there who like this so I thought I would pop that in there.

As a family we decided to order one of the banquets, Which had a number of dishes, mostly meaty with two vegetarian ones for my sister. You need to have a minimum of 6 people to order one of these banquets, once it arrives there is plenty to go around, but be quick because it’s so delicious everyone will want to snatch it all up for themselves. I swear I took my eyes of the dishes for 5 minutes to talk to my youngest sister and BAM no more food for me.

The banquet we got consisted of: Encik Kabin (Spicy Chicken Drumlets), Vegetable Spring Rolls, Sze Chuan Prawn, Salt and Pepper Squid, Kapitan Chicken, Mongolian Lamb, Stir Fry Beef and Snow Pea, Mixed Green Vegetables, Steamed Rice. I was supposed to come with Chinese Tea but that never came 😦

If you are up for a bit of fancy Malaysian/Chinese cuisine Neptune Palace Restaurant is the place to visit. After, why not work off all the food you just ate and take a stroll along the Quay and take in the majesty of the Harbor Bridge and Opera House.


African Feeling

This divine restaurant situated in the most trendy part of the inner west (Newtown) is one of the best places to grab a delicious bite to eat. It serves an extensive range of traditional African cuisine which will delight the taste buds as a mix of exotic flavors enters your mouth hole.

If you are a stranger to African food let me break it down for you one novice to another. There is an extensive range of vegetarian friendly dishes as well as sumptuous meaty dishes to cater to the herbivore, omnivore or carnivore in you. The emphasis is not on spice but on presenting a palate of flavors, each dish different but complementary to the previous dish. The portions are more then generous which leaves you with a dilemma, how do I continue to eat all this wonderful food with out exploding all over the place? It is simply that moreish that you are going to want to wear your fat pants to the restaurant in order to fit it all in.

When I went recently with my family to celebrate my sisters birthday we ordered: African Cigar, Kpoff-Kpoff, Komnimdi, Ladies Fingers, Spinach Granat Stew, Traditional African Stew and Kukuna Nazi.

Not only is the food delicious, the atmosphere is wonderful and the staff are extremely friendly. It is such a great place you really should check it out if you are in the area. It is certainly different from all of those Thai restaurants which seem to be over running the place, though there are one or two of those which are good too, but that’s for another post.

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