Good on you USA!

Fan-fucking-tastic news to wake up to! Finally the United States has made gay marriage legal. Now all we have to do is put the pressure on Tony Abbott to do the same for Australia. Honestly I am ashamed, I am ashamed that we did not get there first. There are so many people in Aus who support gay marriage and it just sucks that the people in charge are living so far in the past and aren’t willing to open their eyes to the fact that this is not an issue about religion but about human rights.

The fact that there is a LAW excluding a group of people from doing something is the issue here. It has nothing to do with religion or traditional values or what ever bullshit they are spouting on about. This is about the fact that our LAW says that this is something that they CANNOT do. DO NOT give me that crap about “but we have given them the right to become defacto, which is essentially the same thing…”, shut the hell up! I’ve been to a few weddings in the past few years and EVERY time they get to the bit about defining marriage as “being between a man and a women” I and others around me cringe and feel so damn awkward and angry. I want to stand up and say “Excuse me? how dare you! how dare you impose your beliefs and values on others, how dare you make it LAW, how dare you INTENTIONALLY exclude and alienate an entire subsection of the population, how dare you?!”. But I can’t stand up and say that because its at a wedding and I don’t want to ruin it for the happy bride and groom.

I am pretty sure 90% of my generation is ok with marriage equality. What we are NOT ok with is homophobia, racism, sexism, just bigots in general. I for one am sick and tired of sitting around watching as the world learns nothing and changes in no way. I am hoping and doing everything in my power to try and change the world for the better and it makes me and so may others out there so happy to see something truly awesome like this happen. It gives us the hope and strength we need to keep on fighting for those who can’t fight for themselves (not to say that the LGTBQIA community can’t fight for themselves, they have been doing a freaking fantastic job and are finally getting to see the fruits of their labour, I’m saying there is a lot of this inequality bullshit going on in the world and some people aren’t able to fight for their right because well…they don’t have any and in todays modern and advanced era that is some truly fuked up, messed up shit and needs to be rectified pronto!).

Thank you USA, thank you for being forward thinking and open minded. Thank you for being unpredictable and innovative, hopefully thanks to your boldness other’s who have the power to change the LAW in AUSTRALIA will listen to their peoples cries of “enough is enough of this crappy law change it already” and actually do something about it!


P.s To all you homophobic Americans who want to move to Australia because you have hate in your heart, don’t come here, change is coming to Australia too. We won’t sit idly by forever.